Tove Jansson – The picture book I would bring to a deserted island…


moomin 1

moomin 2

moomin 3


moomin 4


moomin 6

moomin 7

moomin 8


There are a few books that just give me the shivers – in a positive way. Books that I have read before, but strike me just as fresh and overwhelming as the first time whenever I come back to them. This is such a book. I used to love it as a kid: every page takes you deeper and further into the moomin valley where you follow a very small and scared Moomin on his way to bring his little milk bottle back to his mother. Every page is getting darker and more ominious as you wander along. On every page you look for the cut-out part in the paper that lets you peek into next part of the book. As a kid, I thought it was exciting and scaring beyond measure. As an adult I marvel at how ingeniously clever it’s done, and how strikingly bold the layout and the colors are. It’s so utterly modern, yet it strikes such a personal note. It was published in 1952 and it will never feel dated. I just love it so much!

And , yes- Moomin made it home with the milk. Unfortunately turned sour due to all adventures on the way. But Moominmamma isn’t one to be bothered by trifles like that: Lemonade is just as good for a party with family and friends…

Tove Jansson, born 9th of August 1914 in Helsinki, Finland. Dead 27 of June 2001 in Helsinki.



Tove Jansson : Swedish-speaking Queen of story-telling, living in Finland.



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