Edit Szabo – Bear Essentials

chamotte clay








Right now I’m very interested in forest life: Not really camping out myself – I’m far too impractical to know how to survive for any period of time out in the wilderness. It’s really the concept of woods and all creatures living there. I’m starting a project on woodlife: A challenge of 10 forest dwellers rendered in clay. So I was naturally quite taken in by this series of stylized bear and fox stools made by Hungarian artist Edit Szabó.  They are crude, yeat elegantly sculpted animals curled up in frozen poses that remind me of solid brass or iron stamping seals or signet rings, or dice from a pagan board game found laying around in the Great Hall of Odin. Very archaic and very modern. That’s something that makes me tick. Although they look cast in solid metal, they are made out of chamotte clay with shimmering glaze.

Edit Szabó is a designer and sculptor who creates architectural, functional and conceptual works. She has expertise in such specialty areas as water features, ceramic and masonry stoves, functional cladding systems, porcelain items, street furniture and sculpture. She concieves of her work not as objects placed in space, but instead forming an integral part of their environment, shedding light on the conceptual organization of a space. She has won awards for her ADESSYS line of ceramic acoustic spatial dividers and her paraphrased baroque ceramic stove for the Laffert Castle. Her newest work is the TAME series of seating furniture.

You can find more information about Edit Szabó on editszabo.com.

All images courtesy of Edit Szabó.

Homepage:  http://www.tamewilds.com/edit-szabo/

A video clip where you can see the stool being tested for durability, form and function by a somewhat unorthodox product tester…


And for all you people who like me don’t want to stop at a bear stool, but rather go over the top and furnish your whole home in Bear Style, here are a few other goodies:



From Daniel’s


fischer_bearnycday alchemy paintworks

Bear lamp by Urs Fischer


urs fischer

Bear lamb by Urs Fischer.



Squeezable Gummy Bear lamp.


Polar bear shelf in cardboard from Ibride.


home tone red

home tone

Bear table from Home Tone.


hometone ice

Polar bear table from Home Tone.


Lise Lefebvre

Lise Lefebvre: Oriental bear rug.


grizzly-bear-coffee-table via thedesignblog


Bear side table: Actually in my livingroom even if I didn’t take this photo.

roots emporium

This little fellow is from Root’s Emporium.



willowbrook park

Carved wood furniture from Willowbrook Park Manor.




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