December 24 – Advent Calendar for Gingerbread People…


December 23 – Setting free the pigs. Oink
IMG_0824 nivå


December 22 – From your personal trainer with Love

polaroidnullhympersonal trainer klar_12


December 21 – The Man Cave…

fridge nivarg

Everyone should have one…


December 20 – Judgement Day

BeFunky_vintage-dental-chair-x-ray-machine[1] ginger.jpg

“So, you didn’t floss, did you?”

December 19 – In the Park



December 18 – Bad Company…


December 17 – Where Santas Chill…


December 16 – Recycling



December 15 – Escalator Blues
DSC_0010 escalator


December 14 – In the Night Kitchen

DSC_0004 knight kitchena

Every time you forget to clean out the pots, a new one is born…


December 13 – The Impostor
DSC_0044 imposterarmklar

December 12 – Friday Night: Let it all Hang Out!
release the hounds text2


December 11 – That Cheeky Squirrel

IMG_4692 squirrel2

This is Charlie. He is a squirrel. And he is quite convinced that he is invincible… Actually, this very instance he is plotting to take over the galaxy using his X-ray laser vision. Resistance is futile!


December 10 – The Night Bus

IMG_0321 fix last bus bright

You never felt this alone…


December 9 – The Rune Carver
BeFunky_rune-s4tone-winter-landscape-22370941 klar.jpg


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