Staffan Wiren – Midcentury Swedish ABC-darian

b7423d2c17e1c2b3ade2853bbac21e9c staffan-wiren-midcentury-illustration-squirrel a78716c0a837ceeb52ee189fdd2547a0 There is something very appealing about ABC-books, especially from eras gone by… One of my favorite ABC illustrators is midcentury Swedish artist Staffan Wirén. He is a very mysterious man that I don’t know much about – Please tell me if you know some more things about him! His animals manage to combine a magical quality of  cuteness, smugness and insolence: Animals with Attitude! 120d0e2b7a9b157f648717ad03a3b91f e8ef63717b1f1d108ceb0b26d722c60c staffan-wiren-midcentury-illustration-ant staffan-wiren-midcentury-illustration-snake staffan-wiren-midcentury-illustration-pelican 2747170fb0775cddee5ba7234e7403b7 staffan-wiren-midcentury-illustration-rooster staffan-wiren-midcentury-illustration-owl 30f21d50a21d71327566214f5cc2c920 8d6a46cbc6df1fe33151c7f08d33d92d fishinkblog-1995-staffan-wiren-1 fishinkblog-1996-staffan-wiren-2


Front and back cover of ABC-book illustrated by Staffan Wirsen.


Staffan Wiren illustration for Esso publicity.


Christmas Wrapping design by Staffan Wiren.


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