Andrey Kuznetsov – A lubok woodcut take on Gollum and the Terminator.


The Terminator on his bad-ass kickbike.


Lord of the Rings/Bilbo. Gollum is not very happy after having swapped his precious for a rotten fish.

andrej-kuznetsov-lubok-spiderman Una mano debajo de su ropa, y con las que me sobran me sirvo una copa

Spiderman. One hand for every basic need: Girls, booze and whatever else.

andrej-kuznetsov-lubok-luke Y esta es la auténtica imagen de Luke seguido por su samovar autopropulsado mientras Chubakka le ofrece un mejunje curativo.

Star Wars. Chewbacca with a Little something after Luke’s fierce battle. Note the handy intergalactic tea Samovar (C3PO?).


War of the Worlds.


Perky little avatars!


Fahrenheit 451 book burning.

andrej-kuznetsov-lubok-cheburashka Gena, el cocodrilo-animal africano y Cheburashka, la bestia marroquí de cabeza de gato (héroes  del cine soviético).

Cheburashka, the little friend of crocodile Gena


Gena the Crocodile.

El joker de la baraj Garipoter. En cuanto se sienta sobre una escoba, vuela por los aires como paloma

Harry Potter. Brooms are not always ergonomic.


The Matrix.

to-live-to-drive harley davidson

Harley Davidson. To live is to drive.

 Andrey Kuznetsov has given his take on the very popular traditional Lubok woodcut prints.


Andrey Kuznetsov  was born in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in 1966 and graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute in 1992 and from the Highest Directing Courses at the State Institute of Cinematography in 2003. He has been working at the Moscow animation studio “Pilot” as an animator and art director since 1990. He is also an illustrator.

More about him here:

In Kits Sarkapikus by Jakub Kolas, published in Estonia in 1984, illustrator Jaan Tammsaar’s wolf and goatgives another take on the popular Lubok style.

See the post here )

Post about the traditional Russian woodcut prints, Lubok:




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