Jaan Tammsaar – Kits Sarapikus – Goats you’d better listen to…





Fable moral: Don’t listen to Beyoncé using ear buds – You might miss vital information behind you.





Today it’s raining again and there seems to be no stopping. So I’ve been sitting most of the day dreaming about goats dressed in 17th century robes, patriarches taking no shit from anybody. Actually this could have been what Moses looked like coming down from Mount Sinai  with a 300 lbs instruction manual from God.  There’s serenity and respect you don’t see every day. You don’t want to mess with this goat!

I found him when doing some heavy reading on Slavic Lubok Art, and I just wanted to share him with you…  He is from a 16-page Estonian children’s book called Kits Sarapikus  from 1984.

It’s a book by Jakub Kulas/Andres Jaaksoo retelling Belorusian folk tales.

Jaan Tammsar (Estonian, born in 1949) has illustrated the books in a style very influenced by the old Slavic Lubok art tradition.

I will tell you more about Lubok Art some other day…


Very hard to find any info about Jaan Tammsaar. I Think this is a photo of him from 1979, but my Estonian is poor so please correct me if I’m wrong.




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