Hilla Shamia – Singed wood and aluminum soul.

After adding my last post about Greg Klassen and his wood-and-glass creations, I stumbled upon this talanted artist who use the grain and structure of wood to contrast with the cool hardness of aluminum.

Hilla Shamia is an Israeli artist and  product designer who has developed new ways to fuse aluminum with slightly burned wooden logs to make one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture in the form of coffee tables, desks, benches and more.

To create these pieces, Shamia pours melted aluminum onto logs of raw cypress and eucalyptus that have been cut lengthwise. The burning of the aluminum on the surface of the raw wooden log creates a beautiful black layer of carbon, a boundary between the cold silvery aluminum and the wood’s natural colors and forms. The melted aluminum  runs into every crack and crevice of the wood, creating a strong bond and a very dynamic design.


Hilla Shamia’s homepage:

Carry-along chunky stoo lby Hilla Shamia.


Hilla Shamia.


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