Greg Klassen – Furniture that speak


From Gregg Klassen’s River Collection.



When I was little I used to balance on the pavement by the curb and pretend that I was standing on the very edge of an abysmal chamsm. Miles down there on the blacktop was a World I could hardly make out, cracks in the tarmac being Deep Canyons and specks of pollen being people or cars. Then I balanced perilously over the end, feeling on top of the World, just waiting to spread my wings and take off inte the void… So scary, and so wonderful!
This is a bit how I feel looking at Greg Klassen’s glass and wood fusion table.  The geography of wood and glass… The marriage between contemporary furniture design and topographic maps. Google Earth come alive…
Greg Klassen lives in Lynden, Washington with wife and three kids.  He studied furniture design in Sweden, at the Capellagården School of Craft & Design, and has also a degree in theology.
He is very inspired by the beauty of the woods around his home, and collaborates with a local sawmill which gives him access to a wide array of raw wood. He makes use of the natural forms and imperfections of the wood when he creates his tables. These organic landscapes are completed with “rivers” or “lakes” made using custom-cut panes of blue glass. He invites his clients to visit his workshop where they can be a part of his creative process. This also includes choosing the wood for their very own table.

Take a look at Greg Klassen’s homepage:


From Greg Klassen’s Live Edge Collection:





4 thoughts on “Greg Klassen – Furniture that speak

    • I never really thought about the wonderful grain and structure of wood and how well it plays out with other and contrasting materials… I’m really glad you liked the post. Actually I’m going to add one more wooden artist just for you and me and a few others that might like it…

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