Ingela P Arrhenius – illustrator and so much more

ingela p arrhenius

ingela p arrhenius-Poster_lion

ingela p arrhenius-Poster_cat

ingela p arrhenius-Poster_elephant


Right now you see her everywhere in Sweden. Or rather, her design, her illustrations and her toys.

Ingela P Arrhenius work as a freelance illustrator based in Stockholm. In addition to advertising and magazine commissions, she illustrates children’s books, and has designed several stamp editions and patterns for products such as children’s clothing, fabrics, toys and stationery. This productive and talanted Swede is very influenced by 50’ies and 60’ies poster art and illustration.

She has also worked for French cosmetic company Biotherm in Paris, and her illustrations have been used in their Christmas line.

I love her work with recycled packages transformed into the project Recycled People, and her collection of wood block figures.

She attended the Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, and has since been part of several free-lance groups.  Today she lives and works in the Stockholm suburb Enskede, in a dynamic studio along with illustrators, designers, journalists, photographers and translators.

Take a look at her blog and homepage:

For my next birthday: Animal Parade!

Push-out, easy-to-assemble cardboard animals. Santa and Easterbunny to take notes also…

ingela p arrhenius-cardboard-animals

ingela p arrhenius-animal-parade-cutouts

ingela p arrhenius-cardboard-doe

Recycled People – Made from recycled bottles and containers.

ingela p arrhenius-recycled-family

ingela p arrhenius-recycled-family-2

ingela p arrhenius-recycled-family-4

Salvador and Pablo Salt and Pepper Cellars!  Ingenious, Ingela!

ingela p arrhenius-pablo-salvador-salt-cellars

ingela p arrhenius-pablo-salvador-salt-cellars-2

Safety Matchbox labels – My new collectible favorite.

ingela p arrhenius-safety-matches

ingela p arrhenius-safety-matches-2

Melamine plates!

ingela p arrhenius-melamine-plates

Matryoshka nesting dolls!   Food Chain Circle of Life…

ingela p arrhenius-matryoshka


ingela p arrhenius-wallpaper

Wallpaper: I would have loved this as a kid!


Books – Mostly laminated board books for kids:


ingela p arrhenius-var-ar-alla-barnen

ingela p arrhenius-100-woodblock-animals

ingela p arrhenius-100-woodblock-animals-2

ingela p arrhenius-designanimaux

ingela p arrhenius-designanimaux-2

ingela p arrhenius-designanimaux-3

Ingela P Arrhenius

Ingela P Arrhenius



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