Worse Things Happen at Sea – Kellie Strom

1 front cover copy

I like to change wallpapers often – I’m very indicisive and have a hard time picking the right ones from those fat and anxiety-inducing wallpaper sample books. When I finally get the wallpaper up it seems something happened to it while handling it. It doesn’t look the same anymore. I stare at it and wonder if I want to live with it for a longer period of time. Then I go back to the store and start browsing the samples again.

The obvious answer to people like me is Magnetic Wallpaper. I can’t believe it hasn’t been done yet and conquered the market massively. You either cover the walls with metal sheets, and then apply magnetic wallpapers to it. No glue, no mess, no heartbreaking regrets! You change your wall coverings three times a day if you want!  You can also use the whole wall as a gigantic pinterest board, posting pictures and the likes with magnetic studs. Method two involves rolling  the whole house with magentic paint and buying my new wallpaper line with metal nanothreads woven into them. Now I’m getting so excited I won’t be able to sleep. I guess that’s the drawback of being a genius.

And all these rantings lead to Nobrow’s Leporello Series of accordion folded books. My plan is to use these marvellous pieces of art as wallpapers. This particular one goes well with my book-laden library: It already sports luscious and thick oriental carpets, heavy victorian burgundy tapestries and a mahogany barometer. I am sure it would look great.

Just look at this book – it’s so intriguing and delicate. Like stripped directly from a  heavily tattooed sailors back and gently cut to into shape. Now I’m being morbid. However it does make me think of delicate Victorian horror novels set in some dubious port town. Misty nights at a the harbor where Jack the Ripper quietly bides his time in the tavern, listening to the tall stories of  doomed voyages and mythical sea creatures, told by haggard old sea dogs.

Strom works in a manner related to early chromolithographers Although he does not use engraving, he creates intricate color separations which is then overprinted to give the illusion of many more colours than are actually used. This book has taken him over two years to finish.

Here is a video where you can learn more about his technique:

And here is Kellie Strom’s blog:

Blog: http://www.balsko.com/

Some additional facts: Published in 2014 by  Nobrow Publications.

Dimensions: 234 × 141 mm  | 20 panel panorama | Format: Concertina | Series: Leporello

Pictures courtsey Nobrow Publications and Accordion Publications

4 front detail 1 copy
5 front detail 2 copy
7 back detail 1 copy

8 back detail 2 copy




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