Encyclopedia of Early Earth – Isabel Greenberg


Back from summer vacations!

I spent the last few weeks going to the northernmost territories of the earth, trying to finally find out if polar bears and pinguins really do not coexist. They don’t. Or the pinguins might have been on vacation. While at it solving the great mysteries of existence I also found out how earth and mankind was created. As I suspected, a great big raven fashioned it all from clay and ice and when he got bored with nobody to show it to, he created royal offspring consisting of a baby boy raven and a baby girl one. The girl in turn created mankind when her father had his back turned. He got raving mad, but things couldn’t be undone. That’s how we came to be. And the ravens are watching every little step we take from above. You really should give it a thought more often.  The Easter Bunny and Santa are really ravens with fake ears and beard. I do need to talk to my cat about this – I’m not sure he revers his befethered little friends in our back yard sufficiently. He doesn’t really want to confront the wrath of the supreme raven when his nineth life expires.


The whole story of the world’s creation you find in this beautiful book by talanted  Isabel Greenberg. Stunning graphics – one of those books that you need to have in your hand to fully appreciate.  The story is a bit Pandorean: Stories within stories that tell of the mythical lands of the North and their creation. A simmering graphic broth of Homer’s Odyssey, Jonah’s wale transport and old creational myths. A lonely hut on a piece of ice. A tiny place on earth that is the entire world to those who live there. Looking all over the planet for that missing piece to make you finally feel whole. And finally finding the opposite to complete yourself on the other side of the earth.

Published in 2013.






Isabel Greenberg



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