Tuomas Markunpoika – Pencil Art


I have a very complicated relation to pencils. Either I lose them or I steal them. When I need them they are nowhere and when I don’t they creep up on me from behind and threaten to poke my eyes out. To tell you the truth they are a bit scary: Really sharp and don’t say much. You never know if they  are listening to reason or just pretending,  biding their time and then attacking you when you least expect it.

So I was truly impressed, not to say awestruck, when I saw this amazing Finnish pencil tamer. Completely fearless he bundles them together, ties them up and transforms them into sculptural wooden vessels.

The things you can do with old bits and pieces!

Please send all your old pencil ends to me.  I’m saving up to build me a bath tub. Or possibly a swimming pool.












Tuomas Markunpoika  was born in Jyväskylä, Finland. He went to study furniture design in Lahti Institute of Design in 2006 where he graduated in 2010 and moved to Amsterdam for an internship at Marcel Wanders. He continued his studies at Design Academy Eindhoven, MA Contextual Design graduating with Cum Laude in 2012. His thesis ‘Engineering Temporality’ explored the metaphysics of design, oscillating between death, memory and material culture. Studio Markunpoika was establishes swiftly after his graduation.

Engineering Temporality

A Beautiful and painfully intriguing project:  Following his grandmother’s gradual memory loss due to Alzheimer’s, he started exploring the fragility of the human mind. The progression of broken brain structures is translated into laced and fragmented metal work.

Discover more on his home page.






Tuomas Markunpoika.





4 thoughts on “Tuomas Markunpoika – Pencil Art

    • Thanks so much for your comment! Sometimes you don’t know if anyone is actually reading, or just browsing through the pictures… Love, Charlotte

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