Ré-créatures – Cruschiform






A little something from Cruschiform,  (AKA  Marie-Laure Cruschi) to brighten your day.  Here is your ultimate chance to play God and do genetic experiments on alien life forms. Yay!  You combine them up to get the most mind-blowing combinations of cyclop eyes, poodle hair-does and antennae. For all you really serious folks, you can challange yourselves with making up a specific planet, define gravity, oxygen levels and other vital components of your life form habitat, and then try to combine the ultimate life form. That’s what I would do, but then I’m pretty bored today: It’s been raining outside all day and I’ve had too much time on my hands.

Ré-créatures is a great example of the booming and dynamic French children’s book market. Or the market for adults who like to create space monsters,

Cruschiform can be found in a galaxy near you – World Wide Wormhole as below.


You can also use the picture link below to get a little film flipping through the book.








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