Maria Fischer – Traumgedanken


To me there is no more boring thing than listening to other peoples dreams.  My own dreams are, of course, an immense source of wonders. It’s like having a huge library of adventure books in the back of my mind that I can almost get hold of. Bits and pieces of colors, emotions and unbelievable stories that is surely within my reach – as long as I don’t try to reach them… There is no way I could relate them to other people and it would be preposterous and downright stupid to try. I would leave heaps of people behind – killed by pure boredom.

I have my dreams floating around in some other part of space, each one tied to me only by a very thin thread.  And threads are these great but fragile connectors between things that can’t really be connected. The thin thread of life spun by goddesses, uniting the divine world with the short lives of men. Telegraph and telephone wires reaching out to other beings far away. Balls of string leading from the deepest  labyrinth of death towards the life outside.  And todays World Wide Web spun with hyperlink threads reuniting the globe.

How would you write a book about dreams?

Maria Fischer created Traumgedanken – Thoughts on Dreams.

This book is designed as three-dimensional model of a dream about dreaming.  Inside It you find a collection of literary , philosophical, psychological and scientifical texts all evolving around different dream theories.  Fragments of the text are floating dreamlike on one page, connected with key words on the opposite side by different colored threads.  On five pages there are illustrations made out of thread, tied to their key words on the other page.  The threads visualise the confusion and fragileness of dreams.

On five other pages words are stitched into the very paper – but it’s out of reach from the reader since the text’s actual surface is inside the folded double page.

It’s a very beautiful, elusive and poetic book.

Maria Fischer (born 1985)  is a German graphic designer and illustrator living in Augsburg, Germany. She created Traumgedanken as a final year project at University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Book format: 20 × 28 cm | 76 pages | Japanese binding.


:output Grand Prix 2010

Bavarian State Award for Young Designers 2010

Siver Nail in ADC Newcomer Award 2011








Other illustrations by Maria Fischer – less dream like:




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