Bjorn Rune Lie – Wolf’s Whistle & others




One of my new favorites: Bjorn Rune Lie. His Wolf’s Whistle reminds me of Blexbolex’ Abecedaria: Fifties and sixties “Who Dunnit” detective stories in a sophisticated film Noire setting inhabited by dogs, pigs and ducks. He does great kids’ books, too!

Dimensions: 15.5 x 22 cm | Extent: 32 pages | Colours: 4 | Format: Hardback | Series: Children’s Book

Some of the pictures are from nobrows website – check it out!




wolfswhistle_slide031wolfswhistle_slide041wolfswhistle_slide051wolfswhistle_slide061 wolfswhistle_slide071

Björn Rune Lie

Bjorn Rune Lie

Other works:


Record sleeve for Perfect Pop Records, Oslo, Norway


Lobo Perry Cider

Cider just doesn’t have that great a ring to me  – I keep thinking bland wine ersatz. I know it’s very unfair. Probably it has something to do with my two spinster aunts and their stale cider during interminable hot and mosquito-ridden afternoons in the backwoods.

But I would gladly kiss a frog to get my hands on this superb ciderbottle with Bjorn’s wonderful label! On his blog he tells us how it came to be:

“A few months ago I was asked to make a label illustration for LOBO, a small micro- brewery located in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. They have grown and produced fruit from their family orchard for 5 generations and in recent years diversified into making apple and pear cider (Perry). LOBO means Wolf in Spanish and Portuguese and is also a variety of apple which they grow.

The brief was to portray the wolf character as ‘sophisticated’ and ‘metrosexual’, so I gave him a bit of a Frank Sinatra makeover in the end. Although I had to reign in my usual “wonkyness” to a degree I think the end result is pretty good. Some times you simply have to deliver what is right for the job/client. And rightly so!”

LOBO Perry-FullLOBO Perry Carton

Jackson & Ryes Restaurant Menu

If only more delis and other food establishment would spruce up their menues like this!

I would steal one right away!
“In September 2013 I was asked to illustrate the menu for a new and exciting american-inspired restaurant in Soho, London called Jackson+Rye. They wanted a sort of vintage 1940’s feel to it, a bit like my Wolf’s Whistle book, and I had pretty much free reign to include as many strange characters as I wanted. Quite brave, I have to say!
As well as the actual menu, I made a bunch of extra things like business cards and coasters. My writing has also been blown up and pained on the window with gold leaf and everything. The restaurant looks amazing and the food and cocktails are great. What a nice project! ”

Jackson & Ryes Restaurant, New York

Jackson & Ryes Restaurant, London

Menu for Jackson & Ryes

Menu for Jackson & Ryes


Jackson & Ryes menu Close up

Jackson & Ryes menu Close up

Squirell the lovely squirrel...

Squirell the lovely squirrel…


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