Road Map – a short Austin Healey Frogeye Break!


IMG_9618 sma

I have a nagging doubt that the 2014 edition of  the Motorcycle Road Map of Sweden won’t qualify as great literature – but this is what I’ve been reading for the past three days. A great tour of over 1200 km from Stockholm all the way down to southern Sweden (Ronneby, Blekinge) and back for an Austin Healey meet-up. 40 beautiful cars in a grand 19th century health spa setting. We froze  our %%% off going there open-topped. I looked like an arctic hobo wrapped in fleece jacket, windbreaker, hoodie and woolen cap. Actually all the garment I could dig out from the back compartment without getting off the car. I topped it off with a thick woolen blanket, and there I was, snug as a bug, reading the map. I squeezed in time to  read half of De Waal’s “Hare with Amber Eyes” also.

The Hare is a really good read  – actually a great deal better than the road map… The guys writing maps are really prosaic and borderline obsessed with roads and gas stations. No real character development and the plot is kind of thin. They also should be a lot clearer explaining that red roads are not really larger than yellow roads despite the appearance on the map. They are just a lot more scenic than the ugly-to-be-avoided-at-all-costs yellow roads. That could have saved me some uglyass detours in the woods…

Our car broke down 200 meters from our house after 1200 km – sometimes you’re lucky!

Ronneby brunnspark

Ronneby brunnspark

IMG_9661 red

Wiew to die for from Marianne’s summer house porch.

One of many 19th century building on the spa premises.






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